What Is Northern Wisconsin?

Northern Wisconsin Spring

To Some, Northern Wisconsin Is. . . The plaintive tremolo of a loon across quiet water at sunset. The howl of a wolf in the moonlight. The bugle of an elk during mating season. The shimmer of glacial lakes. The fragrant whispers of pine forests. Delicate wildflowers bobbing in the breeze. Eagles soaring. Herons gliding. Hummingbirds hovering. A glimpse of a deer, bear, beaver, otter, fox, fish, marten, or mink. Porcupines, raccoons, skunks, scampering small wildlife -- and birds. The purity and … [Read more...]

Wisconsin’s State What?

State Capitol of Wisconsin

Can you name your state bird, flower, and tree? It's less widely known that many states have also designated other natural resources to honor. Some states have animals (some list both a wild and domestic animal), insects, fish, minerals, gems, grass, fruit, nuts, mushrooms, and even soil and fossils. Here are some of Wisconsin's selections: State Bird: Robin State Wildlife Animal: White-tailed deer State Tree: Sugar Maple State Flower: Wood Violet State Fish: … [Read more...]