Marathon & Lincoln Fishing Report: November 26, 2012

Bluegills, walleyes and muskies all providing action; all in and amidst the lakes and the Wisconsin River in Wisconsin’s Marathon and Lincoln Counties (near Mosinee and Wausau).

Warm weather has savvy anglers scoring BIG on open water in the central Wisconsin area.

Anglers in the central Wisconsin area hoping for early ice have not seen it yet.  With that said, we are finding that by targeting some of our traditional early ice locations by boat or off shore, is that the fish are already there and readily taking our presentations.  Just this past week some of our local bluegill hotspots produced nice catches of bull nosed gills in the 8 and 9 inch range.  Small jigs tipped with a chunk of crawler or small plastic like a Wedge Tail have been working very good for us.

In addition to the good bluegill catches, we are taking a few nice walleyes in the central Wisconsin area by targeting some of the deeper water in the Wisconsin River system, as well as some of our traditional shallow water ice fishing locations.  For the most part, the fish are deeper during the day in 10-14 feet of water, but as evening approaches we move up and target the walleyes in as little as 1 to 3 feet of water.  During the daytime hours we target the walleyes with lead-head jigs tipped with XL fathead minnows; but in the evening we are tossing crankbaits right up tight to shoreline structure.

With a week of musky fishing remaining in the central Wisconsin area, musky hunters looking for that last fish of the season, or maybe the trophy of a lifetime, now is a great time to go after it. Target deep water areas with little no current on the main Wisconsin River system.  Run 12-156 inch suckers on quick-set rigs anywhere from 5 to 10 feet down over 10-20 feet of water.  You can also throw plastics like Bulldawgs and Big Joes, as well as deep diving cranks like the Depth Raider and Cisco Kid in natural or firetiger colors.

(This report based on interview with licensed guide and trapper Phil Schweik and licensed guide Glenn Moberg, of Hooksetters Fishing & Hunting Guide Service, Mosinee Wisconsin).

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Ray Smith is an author, lecturer, creative director and Senior Associate at Creative Brilliance, a full-service advertising and marketing communications company. He has been involved with northern Wisconsin tourism promotion and economic development for more than 20 years.

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