Marathon & Lincoln Fishing Report: June 2, 2014

Walleye, bass, northern, crappie and bluegills hitting hard, with musky turning on; in and amidst the lakes and the Wisconsin River in Wisconsin’s Marathon and Lincoln Counties (near Mosinee and Wausau).

Crappies are spawning in the central Wisconsin area and the bluegills are not far behind. The walleyes, bass  and norhtern have been very aggressive, and the musky bite is turning on…  Can it get any better?  Oh yeah, and it will — and the weather is wonderful.

The local crappie spawn is well under way and just about done in the central Wisconsin area, but with that we are now starting to see large masses of bluegills entering the same locations that the crappies were recently inhabiting.  This means it’s time to get the kids out and have some fun targeting what is probably going to be the easiest fishing of the year.  Look for spawning bluegills to be in shallow water that is less than 3 feet deep.  In most cases these areas will be surrounded by brush, timber, or weeds.  A simple Aberdeen hook baited with a worm, suspended below a bobber, will catch fish all day long.

Bass anglers have been having a field day in the central Wisconsin area. The bite has been very consistent by targeting rocky shorelines and downed timber in water that is less than 5 feet deep.  The bass will eat about anything that enters their area, but the best baits by far have been a jig and tube or a small diving crankbait that imitates a crayfish.

Walleye anglers are seeing a good number of post spawn fish inhabiting several areas in the central Wisconsin area.  Some walleyes are up in shallow water and a bunch of  the walleyes are in the deeper pools. They can be targeted by a number of ways but day in and day out there are only two methods to use. One is by casting a simple jig and minnow and the other is by casting or trolling crankbaits.  either of these two methods will work and on most days both will be successful.

Musky and northern have been very active in the central Wisconsin area, and with water temperatures warming up into the 70 degree range it is no wonder they are putting on their spring feed bag.  Small bucktails are about the most versatile baits to run right now but glide baits, twitch baits and even some rubber baits will work at this time of the year. Right now  target shallow areas with wood, weeds or even rocks if they are present.  These areas will present the warmest water available, work them thoroughly and methodically to get a strike from an aggressive fish.

(This report based on interviews with licensed guide and trapper Phil Schweik and licensed guide Glenn Moberg, of Hooksetters Fishing & Hunting Guide Service, Mosinee Wisconsin).

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Ray Smith is an author, lecturer, creative director and Senior Associate at Creative Brilliance, a full-service advertising and marketing communications company. He has been involved with northern Wisconsin tourism promotion and economic development for more than 20 years.

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