How to Make a Scarecrow for Kids

Wisconsin Scarecrow

Some of the seeds you plant in the garden may never sprout even if the conditions are right. Why not? Because birds and other animals might have eaten them! As any experienced gardener can tell you, you have to expect to share some of your bounty with other animals. But can they take a hint? Put up a scarecrow and find out!

Crows aren’t the only pesky creatures that help themselves to garden produce. But the name scarecrow has such. Make a figure from some of your old clothes stuffed with straw. Tie it to a fence post, or to a pole stuck into the ground. What do the birds think of your creation?

Or take a curved branch and paint it with weather resistant paints to look like a snake. This sometimes does the trick. Move it around the garden so that the birds don’t catch on. Or try warding off animals with a little noise. Hang some aluminum pie pans so that they bang together. (You may not be able to stand the sound either!) The sunlight reflecting off the pans scares the birds, too.

Maybe next year should plant twice as much. Some for you, and the rest for the animals.

[Image: Courtesy of Flickr user LutherAnn]

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