Hunt for Spring Mushrooms in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Spring Mushrooms

Primitive peoples thought that mushrooms sprang from the ground where lightning had struck.

Do you like mushrooms? On top of pizza, and in soups and sauces? If you do, you may know that spring has its start – – the morel.

The morel is considered one of the most delectable wild mushrooms. It’s easy to identify, and it’s good both fresh or dried. (Dried mushrooms are reconstituted in water before cooking). Morels are so highly prized that many mycologists, as mushroom hunters are called, keep their location a secret! The mushrooms fruit only briefly in the spring, but even then, areas that have yielded them for many years in the past may not in the future.

Look for them in old apple orchards that have been abandoned. Or check at the base of dead elm trees. They often pop up there for a number of years before mysteriously disappearing.

Be ABSOLUTELY sure of any mushrooms you plan to eat because some look fine, but are actually poisonous. (That goes for any food in the wild). See if there are any northern Wisconsin mushroom-hunting expeditions you might join, to learn first-hand which mushrooms to pick and which to avoid.

[Image: Courtesy of LTH Forum]

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