Make Snow Shoes

Homemade Snowshoes

The first snow shoes were made by North American Indians. Have you ever tried to walk through snow, only to sink knee-deep in binding drifts? Snowshoes are designed to make walking easier by dispersing your weight, so you won’t fall through the snow’s crust. (The Snowshoe Hare grows extra fur on its feet for this very reason). With practice, a person wearing snowshoes can travel through snow with relative ease, moving as far as 3 to 4 miles per hour.

You can make your own homemade snow shoes from coniferous boughs. A branch that is naturally forked can be bent back to form a rounded toe and tied with heavy twine. Shorter branches can be arranged crosswise to support your weight, and then tied in place. The shoes themselves can be lashed to your boots with more twin or slightly thicker rope.

The trick to successfully maneuvering your snow shoes is to lift your toes. This may seem obvious, but the front edge of a snow shoe extends so far beyond your own foot, that it sometimes gets caught in the snow.

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