Build a Snow Structure

Snow Structure

The Inuit people use the word "igloo" to mean any type of house, but we usually think of igloos as fashioned from snow. These are rarely built by the Inuits these days, but references to them still abound. Try your hand at constructing a shelter made from bricks of packed snow. The Inuits actually cut their blocks from solidly packed snow, but you probably don't have that kind where you live. Make your "bricks" using a mold such as a bread pan or a heavy plastic container. Wet snow works … [Read more...]

Making Icicles

Northern Wisconsin Icicles On Rocks

Icicles are awe-inspiring creations, formed when water freezes as it's dripping. You can find icicles cascading over rocky outcrops, hanging from tree branches, and along most rooflines. The heat from buildings and the warmth from the sun are enough to melt snow that may have clung to the roofs, but the air temperature is cold enough to refreeze the water quickly as it drips. If you look closely at trees after a winter storm, you may notice small icicles hanging from the ends of branches that … [Read more...]