Dr. Loonacy and the Flying Submarines…

Denny OlsonDenny Olson is a neat guy from Duluth, Minnesota, who goes around educating about wildlife and nature — often dressed as the character or animal he is talking about. He has more more than 27 years of experience teaching nature-based lectures and classes in the North Woods and Mountain West. He has done a lot of research on animals such as beavers, hares and loons. Denny Olson usually wears outrageous costumes and tells stories as his characters, or humorous “alter-egos,” such as Critterman, Wolfman, The Grizz, Dr. Death, Prof. Avian Guano, Bir.D, Dr. Loonacy, The Lost Voyageur and The Mad Herbalist.

Here are some of things he had to say as Dr. Loonacy:

“The loon is the most primitive bird we know,” Dr. Loonacy tells a museum audience.

“…With solid bones for diving, wings that seem too short for flying due to the loon’s body shape and weight of 7 to 10 pounds, the loon is ‘a flying submarine’ — something man hasn’t yet been able to duplicate,” he says with a smile.

“…The loon nest is thrown together…. Loons lay one or two eggs — and they turn them over every two to four hours…”

“…While loons may reluctantly leave an egg that is stolen by a predator, they will launch an all-out attack to save their babies,” Dr. Loonacy continues. “The babies are born helpless, and often ride on their mother’s back for reasons of safety and warmth…”

To find out more about Denny Olson as Dr. Loonacy, visit http://www.crittermansworld.com/

[Image: Courtesy of http://davisclipper.com/]

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