Loons in Wisconsin

Scientific Name: Gavia immer

Size: 2 to 3 ft (66 to 91 cm)

Weight: 6.5 to 12 lbs (3 to 5 kg)

Average life span in the wild: 30 years

Diet: Carnivore

Habitat: Forested lakes and large ponds in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Great Lakes region, such as Michigan and Minnesota. They winter all along North America's Atlantic (and sometimes Pacific coasts).

Did you know?: Loons can dive more than 200 ft (61 m) below the surface of the water in search of food.

Read stories and personal accounts from northern Wisconsin residents and visitors who have been lucky enough to witness these graceful beauties.

Facts About Loon Behavior

Northern Wisconsin Loons Swimming

These question-and-answers shed light on the typical behavior of the common loon: Where do loons go during the winter? Loons migrate south and east shortly before ice covers the lakes. Exactly where they go is still not fully determined, although it is generally believed loons winter somewhere along the southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Do loons migrate in flocks? Yes. In late autumn, generally well before the great freeze, loons congregate on large lakes and fly south … [Read more...]