Northern Wisconsin Map

Where is northern Wisconsin, the Northwoods, and the "True North"?

To some, "The North" is determined by a highway or geographical mark, e.g. anything north of Wisconsin State Highway 29, going east, from Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota (the Twin Cities), and the St. Croix / Mississippi Rivers, and Hudson, Wisconsin, all across Wisconsin over to Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

To others, the "true north" is a "state of mind." You know... the animals, the trees, the snow, the cold... A lot of people think anything north of Madison, Wisconsin is "north." As in, "I went north last weekend, to my cabin near Pardeeville, Wisconsin." (Those of us who are in the "True North" of Northern Wisconsin just laugh among ourselves).

On the other hand, the Christmas Tree Capital of the World, Wautoma, Wisconsin, is south of Wisconsin State Highway 29; yet, is there anything more symbolic of "The North" than Christmas trees?

And, if you look at a map, you will see that there's more "true north" NORTH of all of Wisconsin -- so you can see the quandary.

So, although the majority of information on this website is about northern Wisconsin, let your imagination go, and indulge us when we include information about Ontario, Canada; International Falls, Minnesota; the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; the Christmas Tree Capital of the World and other really northern regions.

And for those of you looking for a visual, there are plenty of different types of northern Wisconsin maps listed below -- although remember "North" is one of those very relative terms!

Cultural Map of Wisconsin: A Cartographic Portrait of the State

The Cultural Map of Wisconsin

By David Woodward, Robert C. Ostergren, Onno Brouwer, Steven Hoelscher, and Joshua Hane. Wow! This map (more like a book) and its site key is AWESOME. This extraordinary map, the first of its kind created for any state, is a wonderful way to discover the history, culture, land, and people of Wisconsin. Nearly 1500 points of interest are located on the map, including the sites of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods near Pepin; the Great Peshtigo Fire; the Green Bay … [Read more...]