Homemade Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Snow Ice CreamWho can resist eating some new fallen snow? You can concoct a tasty treat from snow called, logically enough, snow ice cream! Two recipes follow, the first using snow as the main ingredient, the other using it as the freezing agent.

Snow Ice Cream Recipe #1

Into a bowl of clean snow, sprinkle some granulated sugar and some vanilla extract and a bit of milk or cream to make a slushy treat. Eat it with a spoon or sip it through a straw as it melts.

Snow Ice Cream Recipe #2

Into an aluminum can or bowl, mix together 1/2 cup milk, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1 tablespoon condensed milk. Flavor it with a little vanilla extract or cocoa powder. Place the can inside a larger container that has a layer of salt in it. Add snow (or crushed ice), alternating with layers of more salt, until the inner can is completely nestled in snow up to its side. With a wooden popsicle stick or spoon, continually scrape the freezing snow cream away from the sides of the can, allowing more of the mixture to freeze on contact with the cold metal . In ten minutes of so you should have a thick slush. Enjoy!

[Image: Courtesy of Flickr userĀ Back to the Cutting Board]

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