Glorious Range of Spring Activities for All

Northern Wisconsin Spring

Whatever type of travel experience you prefer, you'll adore northern Wisconsin's forests, lakes, rivers, meadows and wetlands in the spring and early summer. That's when trillium carpet the forest floors, marsh marigolds rest in roadside waters, and columbines nod from rocky settings. That's when you can pluck wild leeks and other edibles to spark your menu... That's when you'll see and hear loons, eagles, and Great Blue Herons, enjoy the glorious sounds of hundreds of songbirds, and maybe … [Read more...]

Ideas for Fall Visitors to Eagle River

Eagle River Wisconsin in Fall

For fall enjoyment, the Eagle River Area of northeast Wisconsin offers road tours weaving around her Chain of 28 Lakes close into town; a historic boathouses and buildings waterway tour; and maps to beautiful trails in the nearby Nicolet National Forest. Eagle River's "Road Trips" map indicates points of historical and general interest; parks for picnics and shore lunches; marked public boat landings, canoe portages, camping/trailer sites; marinas; and the map also keys to wildlife, fun stuff … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Autumn Realities Exceed the Fantasies

Northern Wisconsin Fall

Autumn in northern Wisconsin. Breezes blow cooler. The moon and stars seem brighter. Days shorten. Harvests are bountiful. Crowds are gone. Leaves turn colors. Wisconsin’s exquisite beauty and pristine environment beckon. And the colors dazzle! It’s time to drive, hike or bike amid thousands of colorful acres of Wisconsin forests, meadows, and wetlands garnished with glittering streams, rivers and glacial lakes. It’s time to watch eagles soar; see wildlife cavort; and listen for the … [Read more...]

Fall in Northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods Is…

Northern Wisconsin Fall

The ever-so-slight nip in the air, bringing mists at dusk and dawn. The unrelenting beauty of orange and red and yellow wherever you look or peek or stare. . . as the trees change. The smell of acorns, wild mushrooms, and drying leaves, as you crackle along a forest trail. The moon. . . the brightest and clearest saucer, as it reflects its magic on everything, accompanied by the haunting howl of a timber wolf in all its magnificence. Cattails puffing their brown seeds and white … [Read more...]

Summer in Northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods Is…

Northern Wisconsin Summer

Wobbly-legged spotted fawns with big brown eyes. Foxes, bears, elk, porcupines, and so many others. . . raising their young. Undecipherable fragrances wafting on soft breezes. The "smack" of your line as you hook into a lunker bass, musky, northern or walleye. Brats and marshmallows toasting over a wood fire, the sparks painting the sky, and the smells enriching your soul. Sunsets against a darkening azure horizon, in shades of red, pink, and purple that Titian could never … [Read more...]

Spring in Northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods Is. . .

Northern Wisconsin Spring

The crystal drips of shimmering water as snow castles and ice melt. The scampering of small wildlife as they smell the air and feel the sun's warmth. Birth and buds. . . the renewal of EVERYTHING -- flora and fauna and people. Trillium and jack-in-the-pulpit springing out of the soft earth to quickly gain the sun that the forest will soon hide. The smells of a thousand flowers and grasses and trees as they explode in rebirth. Leaves and trees that have fallen and become part of … [Read more...]

Winter in Northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods Is. . .

Northern Wisconsin Winter

Rosy cheeks. Cozy retreats and roaring fires. Snowmobiling. Cross-country and downhill skiing. Snowshoeing, mushing and hiking. Ice fishing. Ice skating. Sleighriding. Hot mulled cider. Wildlife. The sublime silence of snow-covered forests. The shimmering glisten of billions of ice crystals on frozen glacial lakes. . .and so much more. That's winter in northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods. Come and be part of it all. Kids, families, seniors, … [Read more...]

Ode to Christmas in Northern Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin Snowmen

(With a nod -- or glare -- to El Nino, who seemed to be causing some warm weather the winter of 1997-1998) "T'was the night before Christmas and all through the north... Resort owners were wond'ring what snow would be worth... The snowmobiles were lined by the trailways with care.. In hopes that the snowbase soon would be there... When up in our woods there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my desk and said, this shortfall will matter... Unless we can keep those snowmobiles … [Read more...]

Northwoods in March

Northern Wisconsin Spring

Last year, in March, in northwestern Wisconsin, this is what some people recorded: Seeing the first bald eagle. Seeing the first robin. Seeing the first chipmunk. Pussy willows blooming. Trees tapped for maple syrup. Skunks emerge from dens. Red-winged blackbirds. White-throated sparrows. Hawks return. Redpolls at feeder. Went skiing for the last time. Compare these observations to some of the general things that happen in northern Wisconsin in March as noted in the … [Read more...]