Summer in Northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods Is…

Northern Wisconsin Summer

Wobbly-legged spotted fawns with big brown eyes.

Foxes, bears, elk, porcupines, and so many others. . . raising their young.

Undecipherable fragrances wafting on soft breezes.

The “smack” of your line as you hook into a lunker bass, musky, northern or walleye.

Brats and marshmallows toasting over a wood fire, the sparks painting the sky, and the smells enriching your soul.

Sunsets against a darkening azure horizon, in shades of red, pink, and purple that Titian could never match.

Billowing clouds as soft as marshmallows. Crackly thunder and lightning. Pelting warm rains.

Flowers and ferns, plants and trees. . . intermingling and entwining into perfect gardens.

Droves of forest where light filters through, spotlighting mushrooms and insects and things on its floor.

Diving loons. . . Soaring eagles and ospreys. . . And a thousand-million birds singing.

Tubing and boating. . . The laughter of kids on a sand beach. . . The snores of adults relaxing and smiling and forgetting every day cares.

Music and theatre and events and celebrations and history and pow-wows and parades and shopping. . . and dripping ice cream cones, and peanut brittle and fudge and lemonade and fish boils. . .

And wanting to come back again and again, because you’ve only scratched the surface. . .

That’s summer in northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods.

Come and be part of it all.

Kids, families, seniors, singles.

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[Image: Courtesy of Mike Crowley; available for sale at his website Life in the Northwoods]

About the Author

Ray Smith is an author, lecturer, creative director and Senior Associate at Creative Brilliance, a full-service advertising and marketing communications company. He has been involved with northern Wisconsin tourism promotion and economic development for more than 20 years.


  1. Bev says:

    I’d like to purchase this pic 11X14 to frame.
    Summer in Northern Wisconsin

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