Winter in Northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods Is. . .

Northern Wisconsin Winter

Rosy cheeks.

Cozy retreats and roaring fires.


Cross-country and downhill skiing.

Snowshoeing, mushing and hiking.

Ice fishing. Ice skating. Sleighriding.

Hot mulled cider.


The sublime silence of snow-covered forests.

The shimmering glisten of billions of ice crystals on frozen glacial lakes. . .and so much more.

That’s winter in northern Wisconsin and the Northwoods.

Come and be part of it all.

Kids, families, seniors, singles.

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[Image: Courtesy of Mike Crowley; available for sale at his website Life in the Northwoods]

About the Author

Ray Smith is an author, lecturer, creative director and Senior Associate at Creative Brilliance, a full-service advertising and marketing communications company. He has been involved with northern Wisconsin tourism promotion and economic development for more than 20 years.


  1. Chuck Clausen says:

    A Wisconsin Poem. – it’s winter in Wisconsin and gentle breezes blow – seventy miles an hour at thirty-five below.

    Oh, how I love Wisconsin, when the snow is up to your butt. You take a breath of winter air and your nose get frozen shut – yes the weather is wonderful – so I guess I’ll hang around – I could never leave Wisconsin, cause I’m frozen to the ground.

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